Driving thru Tupelo, MS a few weeks ago, I stopped to get gas. I was close to a lady that was also at the pumps and noticed she seemed upset. I approached her and asked if I could help. She immediately noticed the Cross on my bracelet and asked if I was a Christian. I proudly told her “yes”. She told me of her life and issues and kids. I shared with her God’s love and asked if I could hook her up with a local preacher to minister to her. Luckily I knew one and called while she was there and made the connection. I found out 2 weeks after that with a phone call from the minister, that that lady and her 2 children were at church Sunday and she is starting to take steps to change her life. All of this due to her seeing the Cross Power on my bracelet. Bracelet didn’t save, but opened a door and question that God allowed me to walk thru.