I would just like to take this moment to share with you one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me! I was sitting in a restaurant when a lady came in and asked a manager for an application for a job. The lady noticed my phone sitting on the table, and asked about my phone case, which is a Cross Power Iphone case. I let her pick up my phone to get a good look at the case and I noticed she was wearing a cross necklace. I told her how pretty her cross was, at that moment she notice my Cross Power survivor bracelet and power band. She commented on how nice all three of the items I had were.

At that time she proceeded to tell me that she wished someone could talk to her husband about God! He was not a believer in Christ. At that instant I became very concerned about her husband’s soul, a man that I have never met, but one that I knew I had to meet. She and I sat in the restaurant for the next 30 minutes talking about how long eternity was, and that she must get me in contact with her husband. So, I could share with him the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. We exchanged phone numbers, and she said she would try to get him to meet with me that afternoon.

Two hours later, I received a phone call, and this lady was wanting to bring her husband and met with me, and so then we met. Her husband said he didn’t believe in God, but he wanted to believe in God, and that he done a lot of bad things in his life, that he just didn’t know if he could forgive himself, much less the Lord for him. We talked for nearly two hours that afternoon, about forgiveness, love that Christ has for us, and about eternity, and if he really understood what eternity meant. I told him I would get him in contact with my pastor so he could counsel to him.

A day later I get a call from the wife, wanting to me with me, and we met. At that time the husband said he had been praying and wanted to be saved. He asked if I could save him, and I told him God was the only one that could save him. At that moment we all three held hands, and I began to pray with them. As we were praying he asked the Lord for forgiveness, and that he wanted to give his heart, soul and life to God. It was a very emotional moment for myself as we as the couple. Before they left I gave him my Cross Power survival bracelet. A week later they called and wanted to met and say hi, and to tell me that they gotten in a church, and the husband once again gave his life to Christ.

This could have never happened if it wouldn’t have been for the Cross Power phone case setting on a restaurant table. I don’t care if I ever make a penny in this business, the experience I had with a witnessing tool, of a simple phone case is priceless.