Sharing your faith during Halloween


It’s October, and for many of us that means that Halloween is right around the corner! Although Halloween can be a controversial holiday, it can also be a good opportunity for family fun and a great witnessing opportunity. After all, how many times a year will you get to greet so many people in one night? Check out some of our witnessing tools below and see if you can use any to share your faith during Halloween!

1. Give candy with a message

We all know that Halloween candy is what kids really look forward to every year. This year however, why not give out some substance with all the sugar? Simply print out small Bible verses or encouraging messages and attach them to the candy you’ll be passing out to trick-or-treaters. This is a simple way to mix in your faith with the Halloween festivities.

 2. Get festive with faith-centered goodies

Even if you don’t dress up for Halloween, there are still ways to show your faith while joining in the fun. Christian pumpkin temporary tattoos, Cross Power Decals, or Salvation bracelets can be fun to either wear as a family or even pass out to neighborhood kids! They can also be used as a way to start a conversation about your faith with younger kids.

3. Have a chat about what frightens you

 Halloween is a holiday during which people love to get spooked – which provides a perfect opportunity for you to have a discussion with a friend about what frightens you the most, in both this world and the next! While people may be less open to talking about these topics most of the year, Halloween can provide a great opportunity for naturally starting these conversations. Address your fears and then talk about how your faith helps you deal with them.

4. Host A Party 

Many people worry about their kids wandering around outside on Halloween. A great way to be a witness to your neighborhood and have fun is to host a Halloween or fall fun party! You or a group of your neighbors can put together a family event with fall activities like a costume contest, bobbing for apples, and making s’mores. You can even decorate pumpkins with faith-centered messages. Not only can you serve your neighborhood this way, but it can provide you with many opportunities to share God.

Have a fun and safe holiday this year, and see how you can share your faith!