After years of being a professional wildlife artist as well as an avid hunter, my job has been to study the specific patterns and textures of animals in nature and to mimic them in my art. Years of this study led me to develop Prym1 camo, which uses the colors and textures of nature with the organic patterns of wildlife to create a camo with the effectiveness of a predator. Learn more from our video or purchase our products below! – Stacie Walker


The Prym1® patterns are a range of camouflage colourways for multiple environments, that have been professionally designed with the idea of using organic shapes rather than trees and leaves.

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Prym1 Fish camo allows you to catch through various weather conditions out on the water by utilizing the depth, colors, shadows, highlights and organic shapes found on predators in the wild.

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Show off your PRYM1 style with our lifestyle products, designed to help you look your best in everyday environments.  We have sunglasses, t-shirts, koozies and more in our patented camo patterns.

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PRYM1 Camo partners with some excellent companies to off you exclusive camo products.  We have the best workout gear, camo sheets, decals, and more in our world-class patterns.

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