Share your Faith

Picture by Juno Lee. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Five Creative Ways to Share Your faith

Are you looking for some creative ways to share the Gospel, but don’t really know where to get started? You’re definitely not alone – sharing your faith with others, even people close to you, can be an intimidating thought! However, there are a variety of Christian products and simple, free techniques that can help you share your faith. Below we’ve listed five approaches you can use to break the ice and get a conversation started.

1. Look around any coffee shop, restaurant, or sidewalk these days, and you’re likely to see a large percentage of people on their smartphones or tablets. We’re obsessed! However, there are a handful of apps that help you turn your tech into a creative way to share the gospel. The Roman Road app walks you through the process of explaining the basics of salvation. Soularium, which uses images as a way to help someone express their beliefs, is another interactive app that you can use as a great conversation starter. There are a variety of applications for your phone or tablet that can help you in your journey to share your faith.

2. One simple way to share your faith is by using a salvation bracelet! These great pieces of jewelry have five beads of different colors, each color representing a different step in the process of coming to faith. You can check out this page from Cross Power that shows the meaning of the salvation bracelet colors. As you walk someone through the process, you can use the bracelet as a fun visual guide. Though you may be familiar with the bracelets you may have made in Sunday school, we have salvation jewelry with a slightly updated look. Though these high-end creative pieces seem similar to charm bracelets, they have the potential for a much more profound impact.

3. Are you a sports fan? Chances are, there’s a talented athlete (or several!) in your favorite sport that is also very public about their faith. The next time you have some friends over watching the game, bring up a Christian athlete you like and discuss how you admire their openness about their faith. Ask your unsaved friends for their opinions, and see where the conversation takes you.

4. Do you want to share your faith, but you don’t feel comfortable telling your story face-to-face? Then check out, a great online resource. This innovative website allows you to write down your testimony and post it online. Then it gives you a link to share your story among your friends, family, and others! You can even put the link to your story on small business cards and pass them out to people that you meet. Take some time to look at the website and discover other stories of faith and redemption, then add your own!

5. In the end, the most effective way that you can share the gospel is to build healthy and loving relationships with those around you. Take the time to really get to know those around you. Offer to help out with their yard work, watch their kids, or take them out for lunch. If the people around you first see your faith in action, then they’re much more likely to listen to your testimony. Showing people God’s love is the greatest tool you can have.

Are you looking for even more fun ways to share the Gospel with everyone around you? Check out some more ideas at eternityimpact, a blog with plenty of ideas to get you started!