Meet Cole and Cort – Cross Power Founders

At ages 14 and 11, they realized the need for fun, cool products that help share the Message in 30 seconds or less.  Their passion for sharing the love of Jesus is infectious, and shows in each and every product that Cross Power sells.

Every product is meant to be a tool to help share your faith.  Whens someone asks, “What does Cross Power mean?”, simply say, “My power comes from the cross.”  Then, you can tell them the true importance of the cross.

In just a short time, Cross Power has impacted thousands of lives for Jesus. Through innovative new products, and powerful messages, all of the items allow you to wear your Christian faith and naturally start a conversation to share the good news.

How do you use Cross Power products? Share your story!

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Stories from Our Customers:

A sweet lady in the nursing home had been taking care of her handicapped and abusive husband for several years. Her body finally gave in and she had a stroke. She told me as soon as she was released to go home she planned on killing herself because she was no good to anyone in her condition. We talked and she knew Jesus but was just so tired and wanted to end it all. I went back later and took her a Cross Power ion band and prayed with her. We talked a while and she started crying and said I’ll always wear this bracelet as a reminder that my Lord loves me so that I won’t give up.

Allison M.

Driving thru Tupelo, MS a few weeks ago, I stopped to get gas. I was close to a lady who was also at the pumps and noticed she seemed upset. I approached her and asked if I could help. She immediately noticed the Cross on my bracelet and asked if I was a Christian. I proudly told her “yes”. She told me of her life and issues and kids. I shared God’s love and asked if I could hook her up with a preacher to minister to her.

I found out 2 weeks after that with a phone call from the minister, that the lady and her 2 children were at church Sunday and she is starting to take steps to change her life. The bracelet didn’t save her, but opened a door that God allowed me to walk through.

Ned R.