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    Survival bracelets(6)

    Salvation Survival Bracelet

    $11.99 $10.20
    Survival Bracelets are made of 3 strand Parachute cord material that holds 285 lbs., so it can be used in a survival situation. The band is adjustable and fits most people. There is also a “Duck Band” with the Cross Power logo printed and engraved Phil. 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This band can provide a daily renewal of your faith and give you strength and a valuable tool to share the gospel!


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    Galexy and iphone cases

    Cross Power Cell Phone Cases

    $19.99 $17.00
    Even your phone can allow you to wear your faith and give you the opportunity to share the Gospel! Protect your phone and share your faith with our Iphone 4/4S, 5 and Galaxy S3, S4 full cases. Bold and beautiful, these phone cases will help you start the most important conversation you can ever have.


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    Maroon Hooded Sweatshirt

    $29.99 $25.50

    This comfortable, maroon hooded sweatshirt is perfect for men, women, and youth.

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    Cross Power Band(10)-1

    Ion Power Bracelet

    $9.99 $8.50
    This Cross Power Ion Power Band is made of medical grade silicone infused with crushed titanium, which produces negative ions. This incredible technology is worn by many professional and college athletes to work with the body’s natural energy field promoting strength and balance.It’s a great way for athletes of all ages to open the door of opportunity to share the Gospel! Perhaps you or someone you know wouldn’t normally wear a bracelet, but you’ll love the affects this band has on balance, flexibility, and strength. And even people who won’t wear a “normal bracelet” will love this and have an easier time starting the most important conversation in someone’s life.


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    Cort Short Sleeve Badger moisture wicking(1)

    White Moisture-Wicking T-Shirt

    $19.99 $17.00

    Get a workout and still look and feel great! When your giving it your best effort, you’ll know that you’re also guided by the strength of Christ.

    This white, moisture-wicking t-shirt is perfect for all outdoor activities. And even better, it could help you start a conversation and share the Gospel with someone! Remember: Wear your faith; Share your faith.

    *Please note that this shirt tends to run large!

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    maroon long sleeve t

    Maroon Long-Sleeved T-Shirt

    $19.99 $17.00

    Wear your faith and share your faith with this maroon long-sleeved t-shirt. The shirt is made of 100% cotton for added comfort and style.

    T-shirts are a great way to publicly display your Christian faith and open the door to conversations with the people who need it most!

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    Short Sleeve Retro Cross T-shirts(1)

    Women’s/Youth T-Shirt

    , $14.99 $12.75

    You and your kids can look stylish while spreading the message in this maroon short-sleeved t-shirt.  Note: this product tends to run 1 size small.

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    sin 2 salvation mug(4)

    Sin 2 Salvation Coffee Mug

    $15.99 $13.65
    A true, physical representation of your faith! This coffee mug is an amazing visual witnessing tool. The mug when cold, appears black. When the cup is filled with hot liquid, it changes to red. It’s sure to get people talking, and when they do, you have an open door to share the Gospel.


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    Colors of Salvation Medallion bracelet(6)

    Salvation Medallion Bracelet

    $29.99 $25.50

    The Colors of Salvation jewelry line is a fashionable way to share the love of Jesus Christ. When people ask you about this beautiful bracelet, use the colors of the beads to share the most important message of someone’s life.

    We have worked really hard to make sure that all of the individual materials are the best quality possible and that you will love this bracelet for years to come!

    Don’t just wear jewelry that looks nice – wear something that has a bigger meaning and that you can use to start an important conversation in someone else’s life!


Meet Cole and Cort – Cross Power Founders

At ages 14 and 11, they realized the need for fun, cool products that help share the Message in 30 seconds or less.  Their passion for sharing the love of Jesus is infectious, and shows in each and every product that Cross Power sells.

Every product is meant to be a tool to help share your faith.  Whens someone asks, “What does Cross Power mean?”, simply say, “My power comes from the cross.”  Then, you can tell them the true importance of the cross.

In just a short time, Cross Power has impacted thousands of lives for Jesus. Through innovative new products, and powerful messages, all of the items allow you to wear your Christian faith and naturally start a conversation to share the good news.

How do you use Cross Power products? Share your story!

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  • A sweet lady in the nursing home had been taking care of her handicapped and abusive husband for several years. Her body finally gave in and she had a stroke. She told me as soon as she was released to go home she planned on killing herself because she was no good to anyone in her condition. We talked and she knew Jesus but was just so tired and wanted to end it all. I went back later and took her a Cross Power ion band and prayed with her. We talked a while and she started crying and said I’ll always wear this bracelet as a reminder that my Lord loves me so that I won’t give up.

    Allison M.

  • Driving thru Tupelo, MS a few weeks ago, I stopped to get gas. I was close to a lady who was also at the pumps and noticed she seemed upset. I approached her and asked if I could help. She immediately noticed the Cross on my bracelet and asked if I was a Christian. I proudly told her “yes”. She told me of her life and issues and kids. I shared God’s love and asked if I could hook her up with a preacher to minister to her. I found out 2 weeks after that with a phone call from the minister, that the lady and her 2 children were at church Sunday and she is starting to take steps to change her life. The bracelet didn’t save her, but opened a door that God allowed me to walk through.

    Ned R.